Chana Dal


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Buy Chana Dal that is safe, healthy, and nutritious for you and your family at ShaahiNuts at the best discount price. We care about our customers which is why we deliver the best quality, Chana Dal that is rich in vitamins and minerals that provide us with the perfect amount of energy we need to function. Because of the presence of antioxidants in Chana Dal, it keeps our heart healthy and prevents several cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and also lowers blood pressure because of its high amount of potassium and low amount of sodium. An unknown fact to many is that Chana Dal improves insulin response in the body by lowering insulin resistance. Regular consumption of Chana Dal improves the quality of our vision, skin, teeth, and makes our bones much stronger and healthier. To get all the above benefits, get the best Chana Dal now from ShaahiNuts delivered at your doorstep.


1 KG, 500 Gram

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