Kishmish / Raisins

  • Help In Digestion
  • Reduce Acidity
  • Help Against Anaemia
  • Help Prevent Cancer
  • Help Treat Infectionss
  • Help Body Weight Management
  • Prompt Shipping All Over India
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges based on location
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Having a handful of Kishmish along with your routine diet is very good for your stomach. Kishmish contains all the nutrients that are present in milk, and it is also quickly digestible. Regular consumption of Kishmish provide several health benefits and gives you instant energy as well.  Raisins (Kishmish) are fat free and rich in potassium, fiber, anti-oxidants, calcium and iron. Kishmish can be used in various recipes like fruit salads, cake, sweets etc. Kishmish helps you get rid of acidity and eliminates harmful toxins from the digestive system. Order fresh Kishmish online at best price in India at ShaahiNuts India and receive them instantly at your doorstep.


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